Thinking about sending your child to Bethlehem Angels Preschool? Hear what our parents have to say …

We have such a deep love and affection for what Bethlehem Angels Preschool provides for our children. The preschool family has truly become part of our family as we entrusted three of our children here throughout the years to grow, learn, and be loved by the dedicated teachers and staff.

Parent of 3 Bethlehem Angels

We absolutely LOVE Bethlehem Angels Preschool! The entire staff truly cares about each child individually and provides a safe and FUN learning environment. This was our first time enrolling our daughter into preschool and we have nothing but praise about this new adventure. Ashley and the rest of the staff go above and beyond to make sure each child (and their parents) feels at ease. We are SO blessed and thankful to be a part of this family.

Parent of a new Bethlehem Angel

The staff and teachers at Bethlehem Angels Preschool have worked so diligently with us throughout the years as we have faced different challenges with different learning styles for each of our children. The support and love we received was amazing and we were so grateful to have our children in a school that wanted the best for our children as much as we did. The classrooms are small and the teachers are well educated and top notch! To have your children in an environment like this would be wonderful for their developmental growth as well as getting them off to a great start for the school aged years.

Parent of 3 Bethlehem Angels

Bethlehem Angels Preschool teaches age appropriate material with a focus on loving God and loving others. It also encourages parents to be a part of preschool life through many activities throughout the year. The teachers are calm, patient, loving, and understanding of the developmental growth and age appropriate levels for each child. They work hard at teaching independence and social skills while also providing an environment that is structured and reinforces good choices.

Parent of 3 Bethlehem Angels