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Congratulations to All of Our 2024 Graduates!

To all of our wonderful students, we the teachers and staff at Bethlehem Angels Preschool are so proud of you and what you have accomplished this year.

To our parents, grandparents, and other family members, thank you for your trust in and support of Bethlehem Angels Preschool.

Please have a wonderful and safe summer.

We are looking forward to seeing you in September.

Summer Camp, 2024

We are excited to offer a sports-themed Summer Camp: June 17th __ June 20th

Please use this link to register your preschooler!

“Sweet April showers Do spring May flowers

Spring is for sowing; Spring is for growing, And knowing the miracle of rebirth and all Nature’s beauty.


Our six sessions of “Soccer Shots” for our 3 and 4 year old classes at Bethlehem Angels Preschool concluded today, May 2, 2024.  The students had a wonderfull time participating in this activity.

Using creative and imaginative games, “Soccer Shots” sessions focus on basic soccer skills like dribbling, passing, and shooting.  We also highlight a positive character trait each session such as respect, teamwork, and appreciation to help build a well-rounded athlete and child.